He Cares!

Pebblespinkteddy(2)-600x600Just when you feel abandoned….
Have you ever had a moment when you felt like God was looking at YOU? Not at your church or study group but at you, just you. You know in that moment that you have His full and undivided attention. It is an awesome and fearful thing and takes your breath away. It’s like falling in love and knowing it will last forever. It is a feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket of deep, warm, fuzzy love that only God can give you.
On that note I had a moment like that yesterday and was reminded of it again later in the day. The moment was euphoric and I will hold onto it for as long as I can and pray for another encounter. The Lord spoke to me in that time and asked why it surprised me so that He would care for me. He reminded me that if something concerns me then He is concerned about it also. I am never alone and always loved.

After church last night I went to the grocery store…and, yes, God even speaks to me at the grocery store. LOL. I saw a small pink bear on the floor and was determined to find its owner so I placed in carefully in the front of my cart. I then approached every parent with children in the store to see if this treasure was theirs. To my dismay the owner was not found so I took it to the register to turn it in. As I lifted the prize from my cart and went to hand it to the cashier I saw a small child in the next lane begin to kick her feet excitedly. When her mom turned around and saw my little pink friend she was overjoyed as was her toddler. She began to tell me how they had searched the entire store for the cuddly and were devastated that it was lost. The child can’t sleep without it. I told her that that is just like my Father God to work out the timing to encourage me that He cares and to make sure this precious little one had her cuddly so she could sleep soundly. This bear was old and worn and dirty but this child clung to it like it was worth millions. God cared about a shabby bear and a small child. If He cared about this child and her toy…. how much more does He care about you and your concerns? Give them to Him and know that He cares for you and will work it all out so you can sleep at night.

Rest in Hm. Trust in Him. He’s got whatever it is that is keeping you up at night already dealt with if you will truly give it to Him.
Praying for you today!


What’s Your Temperature?


We are in that lovely season in the South where it is both hot and cold in the same day. Times where you wear your jacket in the morning and by lunch have stripped down to a tank top and shorts. You run the heat at night and the air conditioning by day. That being said…

I was running a bath the other morning and the warm water was heavenly! I made the statement to my daughter who came into the room… “I didn’t realize how cold I was until I put my hand in this hot water!” Wow! The Lord spoke to me in that moment. He whispered that if I am not careful the same could be said about my spiritual life.

How many times do we drift along at life caught up in the tedium of ordinary days only to wake up one day and realize how far out on the sea of complacency we really are. How far we have drifted from God. We don’t realize how cold we have grown towards God until we need Him to help us, well honestly…until we want something. I hate times like that. I truly want to be in the warmth of His presence in all seasons of life…the good times and the bad.

As a mom I really hate it when my children only want to be with me when I am doing something for them. I simply want to be in their company and enjoy them for who they are and hope they feel the same. I believe God also longs for us to just hang out with Him and let Him enjoy our company and love on us….not because we need anything but just because we love Him. Think about it….

Watching and waiting….


Faith vs. Fear


There seems to be so much fear out there today. Just turn on the TV and you will be bombarded by all the negative things happening in the world. Just once I would like to see CNN broadcast a positive news story as its headliner instead of the stories designed to scare and divide. I will only occasionally watch the news as I find it very depressing. Am I saying everyone needs to quit watching? No. But I have made the conscious decision to feed the positive and not the negative in my life. I am surrounding myself with positive people and pushing back the negative and the fear inspiring and spending more time in the Word.

Make no mistake this is not a power of positive thinking pep talk. No amount of wishful thinking will make all the bad things go away. The threats out there are real. The evil in this world is on the rise and on the move but that doesn’t mean that I have to yield to it. The Word says in First John 4:18 that perfect love casts out all fear. Does that mean I am never afraid? No. It simply means I know where to take my fear to find Peace. I have to remind myself daily (sometimes hourly or by the minute) that God’s got this and He will take care of me no matter what because I trust Him.

I would do anything for my children. I will hold them when they are afraid, comfort them when they are hurting, and even die for them if it means they will have life. My Father, God, has already done all that and more for me. When I put my fears of war, disaster, famine, and all the things on the news in that perspective I can live in confidence that I will be OK. So, dear reader, will you if you place your trust in Him. He is able to keep us and care for us far better than we deserve or expect. Rest in Him, trust Him, watch for Him. He is able.

Watching and waiting on Him. TAZ

[1 Cor. 1:9 KJV] 9 God [is] faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

He is Always Good

I am reminded as I sit and type tonight of the words of the Hillary Scott song “Thy Will Be Done.” It simply says: “I know you’re good, but this don’t feel good right now.” “I’m so confused. I know I heard  you loud and clear, so I followed through and somehow I ended up here. I don’t wanna think that I may never understand why my broken heart is a part of your plan.”

It has been a hard week. I admit I don’t understand all the whys and wherefores of life but I do know this…God is always good. He is incapable of ever letting me down even if my emotions think He has. I am watching as so many things in my life spin out of my control but in this fact I have found deep and abiding peace. God is good. Always.

I am finally at a point that when life gets to me and the tears flow freely I can still rest in His care and say like Hillary….”Thy will be done.” Its like looking down from a hot air balloon…when you have the higher perspective you can see the whole journey laid out before you. God has a much higher perspective than I do. He sees the whole picture so while I am down here scratching my head and wondering how my pain fits His plan I know enough now to simply trust that He sees further down the road than I do and He is working it all out for my good and His glory. Sometimes the pain and stress of life seem overwhelming but I know He has come through for me again and again so His character has proven that He won’t fail me now.

If you find yourself in a hard place I pray that you will find a way to simply trust the Father to see you through. If He did it for Moses, Daniel, Shadrach, Abednego, and Meshach He will come through for you as well. Hang in there friend. I’m praying for you!

Watching and waiting expectantly. TAZ

[Isa 55:9 KJV] 9 For [as] the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

A Very Present Help



Earlier this week my daughter had to have four teeth pulled. She is usually VERY independent but this time she was insecure and insisted I go into the back with her. They gave her the gas and when the doctor came in to give her the shots in her mouth she cried out to me to come to her even though I was less than 2 feet away. She squeezed my hand so tight I thought it might break! I sat down right next to her while we were waiting for the anesthetic to take effect. I was stroking her leg the entire time. When the doctor came back in to actually pull the teeth she began to yell out for me to come hold her hand…keep in mind my hands were on her leg the whole time. I was right there! The thing I took away was that she knew where to turn for help. She knew all she had to do was call out and I would be there.
This whole event reminded me of something I read in one of my mother’s old journals last week. It went something like this: “Today was my grandson’s second day at preschool. I had hoped things would go smoother but my daughter said that they had to pull him out of the car and he was screaming “I want my Nana! I want my Jesus!” Well, at least I know he knows who to call upon for help! LOL”
We are God’s children and when we are in distress or trouble we cry out to Him for help. Like I was right there for my daughter, He is always right there. Every Mom out there knows the sheer terror that grips you when you hear your child cry out in fear or in pain. You can’t move fast enough to get to that child! I truly believe that reaction is a direct reflection of how God the Father feels when we call out to Him in fear or pain. Better still is knowing that just like a mother knows the voice of her child so God knows the voices of each of His children. We are each special to Him and He knows our name and our voice! Our response to that knowledge should be to snuggle in and rest in Him. Psalm 131:2 puts it like this “I have calmed and quieted myself, like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mother’s milk. Yes, like a weaned child is my soul within me.” NLT
Resting and trusting are such hard work for us adults. I believe His return is close at hand and I desperately want to be found resting in His care. Praying for you today.
Lord, help us learn to be quite and rest in you. We are your children and You are our ever-loving Father. Our victory is in learning to rest in Your care and trust You to meet our needs. Amen.
Ever expectant, TAZ
PS: As I read through this earlier another thought occurred to me. When my child cries out to me I can’t always take the pain away….it is more about my simply being there to help them cope with whatever is happening to them. God doesn’t always make the hurt magically disappear but He always holds us through it. Is His Presence enough for us in good times and bad….it should be. 😎 Praying for you to experience His Presence today in a special way. TAZ

Let’s Talk About Lenses


Ok, so the Lord has really been pressing the issue of opening spiritual eyes lately. In that vein let’s talk about lenses.

My son has a visual processing disorder which gives him a great deal of trouble reading and writing. We have found that if he uses a filter or colored lens to read he is able to do so without as much eye strain and things come much easier. This got me to thinking. What filter or lens am I looking at life through? In my son’s case he literally needs rose-colored glasses! Is it so bad to look at life through the lens of optimism? I don’t think so. Hope is always a good option!

Another example came tonight at choir rehearsal. I was looking through the clear pulpit into the sanctuary when someone wearing red walked up onto the stage and the clear field of vision suddenly turned red because of the reflection. Wow! That’s how the Father sees us! He sees the blood of Jesus when He looks at His forgiven children. If the Father looks at us through a filter don’t we owe it to others to view them through a similar, Jesus-colored filter? A filter of grace, a filter of love, a filter of understanding?

Today ask the Father to open your spiritual eyes and give you the proper lens prescription!

Praying for you as always.

Expectantly watching and waiting,


The Beautiful People 

We all know them. The beautiful people who look like they have everything together and live perfect lives. As we were beginning our worship service one recent Sunday morning the Lord brought one of those beautiful people to my attention. She was perfectly dressed and seemed to have it all together, but when I looked at her what I saw blew my mind! There before me was a small girl in a fluffy dress, lace top ankle socks, and black patent leather shoes. She was in full distress. Tears were flowing freely and she was rocking her ankle back and forth and had one finger in her mouth chewing on it nervously. Needless to say I blinked and thought “What was that?”. In that moment I clearly heard the Lord say to me: “Do  not be fooled by what your fleshly eyes see. There is so much more there. Ask Me to open your spiritual eyes to see others as I see them.”.

Wow! When I began to pray this way I began to see people who were hurting, desperately trying to hold it together on the inside while the outside looked so perfect. I spoke to the lady I had seen in my vision and she told me that what I had seen was truly her, hurting and broken and in desperate need of someone to see her and pray for her. Wow!

I will never be able to look at people the same way again. The outcasts and the beautiful people all have one thing in common…they are all human, and in that they all need prayer and understanding and someone to see them…the real person behind the mask they wear.

The Father says that there are many who are hurting today. Never forget that you can be deceived by what your mortal eyes see. Allow Him to open your spiritual eyes to see beyond the surface to the real person, the struggles and pain behind the masks people wear. Allow Him to use you to speak His peace to their pain, His comfort to their distress, His love to their insecurities.

I am praying for you today.

Expectantly watching and waiting.